why acquire consultancy represents the right opportunity for you


At Acquire Consultancy, Our expertly trained consultants ensure that they give candidates the time and attention they need to secure ideal opportunities. We will take you on a journey from initial conversations to conversing with you on the morning of your start date with your new employer.

We understand that our clients have a job of their own and so we provide a fast-paced, precisive service that allows them to secure high-quality candidates whilst catering to all of their expectations and desires.


Being passionate is a massive focal point here at Acquire. We make time to meet and speak with our clients and candidates learning every detail of what they are looking for or want to achieve. We understand that Recruitment is dealing with people’s livelihoods and so providing a genuinely helpful service is something we think is key.


Recruitment is an incredibly competitive environment, the margins for error are tiny and therefore the standards we abide by are very high. We feel that professionalism comes hand in hand with consistency and our staff not only follow, but love the processes, policies and principles that live at the heart of the business.